Google’s Android Things team asked us to create a mobile mascot to attend Google conferences and showcase the power of Android Things.


The Android Things team developed a small Rosie the Riveter-themed robot during an internal hackathon. We ran with that idea and designed a life-size Android robot with a rugged base capable of traversing conference halls and taking photos with attendees. We leveraged the power of Android Things to add computer vision and a “flex-to-start” machine learning feature where attendees could trigger a selfie by doing the iconic Rosie the Riveter arm flex.

My Contribution

I designed the power, motion control, and RC subsystems for the project. I based the drivetrain design around electric wheelchair motors we had in the shop and designed the power system to run all day on a single charge. Additionally, I designed a simple motion control system to connect the Android Things board with the arm and drivetrain motor controllers. After the first event, I took the existing off-the-shelf RC controller and condensed the circuit to fit in the operator’s pocket for more discreet control during events.