Google tasked Deeplocal with making an immersive and interactive pop-up store for guests to learn about and try the new #MadeByGoogle devices.


We created an immersive, fully interactive environment with areas dedicated to showcasing each of the special features of the new device. These areas included:

  • a magic swingset that animates as you swing
  • toolboxes that let you physically “check out” new devices
  • a tiny kawaii kitchen with a candy drawer easter egg

My Contribution

I designed and built the drive/control system for the swingset. This included selecting motors for each of the background movements (taking into account the varying masses and ranges of motion for each), selecting a sensor to monitor the guest’s swinging, and writing the software to control the position of the background movements during the experience.

I also designed and built the electrical portion of the toolboxes which primarily involved figuring out how to power the devices all day in a portable enclosure without sacrificing safety or the exterior design of the toolboxes.