The Flaming Lips and Google’s Magenta team visited Deeplocal to brainstorm ways of joining forces and creating a never-before-seen spectacle for Google’s I/O conference.


We combined the power of Google’s Piano Genie AI model with The Flaming Lips’ playful and whimsical style to create an unforgettable performance where the Lips, the crowd, and AI all joined together to make a new piece of music.

My Contribution

This project was my baby from start to finish. From the initial concepting phase with Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd, to building prototypes, to sound check, to last-minute prep backstage, I was an integral part of this project. I came up with the concept of using a fruit bowl to control Piano Genie and I designed and built the sensored, multi-radio payloads that turned custom inflatables into magical crowd instruments.